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Mr. Chandrashekhar Mishra


 Assistant Professor,                       Department of Botany,                     B.R.D.P.G. College, Deoria, U.P.

 Email ID: chandrashekhar1183@yahoo.com

 Mobile no.: 9565518531

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Dr. Devendra Kumar Yadav


Assistant  Professor,

Department  of Entomology,

B.R.D.P.G. College, Deoria, U.P.

Email ID: devendra071286@gmail.com

Mobile no.: 9412607584

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Dr. Om Prakash Yadav


Department  of Plant Pathology,

B.R.D.P.G. College, Deoria, U.P.

Email ID: oppatho12@gmail.com,


Mobile no.:9005454407


Dr. Abhinav Singh


Department  of Physical  Education

B.R.D.P.G. College, Deoria, U.P.

Email ID:

Mobile no.:

                                                           EDP Cell

The EDP Cell (Electronic Data Processing) is the central section of data entry and storage. The old records of the college are being transformed in electronic form. EDP Cell maintains college website development, internet connectivity, campus networking and modular software development. This connects all departments, administrative offices and Hostels. This Network is also supported by Optical Fiber backbone. The website information is updated by this EDP Cell according to the request of the respective faculty and departments.  

All students and faculty have been allotted User ID and Password for browsing Internet. The internet connectivity to all the places is available through Wi-Fi and fiber optical cables. The EDP Cell is also now used for collecting student feedback on courses and teaching-learning processes in each class.